Innovating specialised billing

We have an ongoing focus on delivering the features that matter the most to you - here’s some more information on our software features.

Standard features:

Included with every plan

DVA, ECLIPSE and fund submissions

Navigating electronic submissions with Medicare, DVA, and private health funds can be overwhelming - don’t go it alone, our software is set up to take care of this on your behalf, ensuring you receive payments quick and effortlessly.

Automated reports

Medicnet will retrieve reports from Medicare and private health funds automatically so you can stay up to date with your incoming payments. You can also download and print patient, hospital, and fund invoices as PDF's.

Rate Estimator

Our rate estimator tool allows you to quickly search and select from RVG items, procedure database, then add in modifiers such as consultation time, emergency status, and age. You can then refine further based on the health fund and location.

Features for power users:

Patient Verification

Medicnet will verify your patient’s health insurance status electronically with Medicare and private health funds.

Receive Payments

Offer patients a variety of payment methods for your quotes and invoices, such as BPAY and credit card.

Invoice Templates

Set up templates for commonly used procedures, then save time by producing quotes and invoices in just a few clicks.

Coming soon:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Soon you'll be able to turbocharge your data entry with OCR, the process as simple as:
1) Photograph your patient stickers
2) Upload them to Medicnet
3) Confirm details are correct
4) Submit for payment

Automated IFC and billing

We’re automating the IFC and billing process - just enter your patient and procedure details and leave the rest to us. If you’re still curious, you can track the status of each bill at any time, or set up custom alerts for billing milestones.

CPD Surveys

The Medical Board of Australia requires all registered medical practitioners to participate in continuing professional development activities. Medicnet will soon be able to manage this on your behalf.