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Managing your invoices

The invoices view is where you can find individual invoices, and get an overview of what is happening with them.

You can find a link to it under invoices in the top menu.


Here you can search by invoice date, referring provider, patient name, even size of invoice.

You can see if an invoice has been paid or not, and the blocks on the right hand side will list any overdue invoices.

Electronic health fund, DVA and Medicare payments are automatically entered into the database. If you are not a MedicNet billing service user, you will need to enter your patient payments, and cheques from workcover and MVA insurers manually. Click the appropriate record payment tab in the invoices view to reveal the payment entry form.


Sometimes the payments received are not exactly the same as the amount billed. If you are happy with the amount received you can manually set the invoice as paid. Do this by clicking on the 'Set Fund Paid' or "Set Patient Paid' link below payments received block. If you are a MedicNet billing service user you will not see these links as this process is handled by Medicnet.