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Online Medical Invoicing Software

MedicNet software features:

  • MedicNet is the first online medical billing service 'in the cloud' which is fully integrated with online claiming via Medicare, DVA and eclipse
  • Create, and edit your own invoices using our online software solution, including:
    • Anaesthetic Invoices
    • Surgical Assisting Invoices.
    • Private hospital on call invoices.
    • Others - feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Verify your patient's health insurance status electronically with Medicare, DVA and private health funds.
  • Submit your invoices electronically to Medicare, DVA and private health funds.
  • Download patient, hospital and fund invoices as pdf files for printing.
  • Processing reports from Medicare, DVA and private health funds automatically retrieved.
  • Payment reports from Medicare, DVA and private health funds automatically retrieved.
  • 256 bit encryption.
  • Hourly off site backup.
  • Access from any device with an html compliant web browser.
  • No software updates or fee database updates - these all happen on the server automatically.

  • In addition to our online billing software, MedicNet also provides premium services:
    • Full invoicing service including quoting, data entry and followup of outstanding accounts.

Is my data safe?

  • Your data belongs to you alone.
  • MedicNet will never sell, swap or use your patient data or your personal data for anything other than necessary communication with you about changes to the service.
  • Please see our privacy policy

So how do I use MedicNet?

  • MedicNet online invoicing software can be accessed just like any other website.
  • Simply create an account, input your details and start entering invoices.
  • If required you can download completed forms for online claiming registrations with health funds.
  • Once your invoices are complete you will be able to either submit them to the relevant health fund using the link on the invoice, or download and print them for mailing.